The policies described below are in place to help ensure that everyone’s experience is a safe, respectful and mutually satisfying one and must be adhered to at all times.


Clients and Companions

Must be drug and alcohol free.
Personal hygiene is also a must.
Ladies are meticulously screened during the hiring process to best suit our clientele.
Our many clients are also screened to best suit our ladies wishes. Ungentlemanly behaviour will not be tolerated.

Refusal of Service

When the lady arrives, both lady and client have the right to refuse the experience, immediately, without charge.
Any attempt to injure, threaten, or in any way intimidate our ladies will result in immediate termination of the experience, w/o refund, and local law enforcement will be informed if deemed necessary.

Right of Privacy

Procuring the clients or lady’s personal information and/or contact information, outside of the agency, is not permitted.
Companions also require privacy during your experience.  If other parties are present, or arrive at the location during their stay, the experience will be immediately terminated at the client’s expense.



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